The Clive

Bio: Clive Donegal is the pen name of a veteran writer and newspaper/magazine editor. Clive writes the cheeky articles his alter ego won't. He was christened in Ireland, on a press trip about which he writes in "Roy Rogers didn't wear waders." A tourism representative repeatedly called him "Clive" instead of his given name. When he appeared wearing a riding helmet (far less cool than a Stetson) with "Donegal," the name of the stables, printed across the front, she said, "That's it! You're Clive Donegal, intrepid reporter." From that time on, Clive took over travel and humor columns. Under one identity or another (multiple personalities and not a single one charismatic), he has published more than 3,000 articles, editorials, features, reviews and columns, several of them quite good. He has no social life. Published clips for alter ego Craig Lancto are available at https://outsource.com/my-profile?cmd=portfolio. Visit Red Kayak Picatures on Facebook (www.facebook.com/RedKayakPicatures) for addiditonal information. Both Clive and Craig are available as freelance writers and editors. Contact Cive at cdonegal@aol.com or Craig at CraigLanct@gmail.com or through Outsource.com.

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